How to Buy Used Cars at Auto Auction of Baltimore

Buying used cars doesn’t take any special skills at our public auto auction! It’s a pretty simple process, see a vehicle you like? Bid on it! The auction is every Wednesday at 6:30 pm and Saturday at 10:00 am. Gates open 1 hour prior to the auction. Our auction offers an experience unlike other car dealerships

Remember, come rain or shine, the auction will be conducted inside our 12,000 square foot facility!

Find the Vehicle You Want

We offer all types of vehicles for sale to the public at all different price ranges. We have something for you. Remember, the prices you can expect to pay are wholesale! This is an auction. We also guarantee the engine and transmission on all our cars. The keys will be in the vehicles so that you may start them, hear the engine, try the accessories, etc. We want you to “kick-the-tires.” Make a note of the vehicles you would like to bid on.

Register for the Auction

Now that you have found the vehicle that you would like to bid on, you must register to receive a bidder’s number. There is a $300 registration fee. We accept cash, as well as, debit and credit cards. If you purchase a vehicle the $300 is applied to the purchase. If you do NOT purchase a vehicle, you receive 100% of the $300 immediately when leaving the auction. Easy!!!

Get Ready to Bid

Once you have narrowed it down to the vehicles that you’d like to bid on, and you have your bidder’s number, you can relax until your vehicle comes up for auction. That’s when the fun really begins.


Watch our How-To Video below. Don’t worry we will help you through the process. It’s Fun Easy and Exciting!!!